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Disallow scamming/Make it bannable
7 Suggestions
8 Staff Abuse
UBUB and Silversprays
2 Staff Abuse
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i did not mislead any mods (dont just read title)
1 Ban appeal
lost rank after merge of opnation and opmines
0 OPNation Rank Transfer
Serious discussion
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xxVeractxx   created a new thread Ban appeal in the Ban appeal forum
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Want to find out about the juicy drama on OP Mines??
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1 General Discussion
7 General Discussion
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I find this hard to believe.
1 Ban appeal
Leaving OPMines for good
12 General Discussion
9 General Discussion
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Banned for glitch abuse.
5 Ban appeal
Banned for alting [ not in the rules ]
4 Ban appeal
OPMines 5.0
8 General Discussion
SoundDrout HelperVIP  created a new thread PICKAXE GIVEAWAY! ~Sound in the General Discussion forum
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